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Jul 27, 2013

FAQs on Practical Issues in Section 44AA, 44AB, 44AD, 44AE

Posted: 27 Jul 2013 08:23 PM PDT
CA. Rajesh Condoor S. 44 AA 1.      Who are the persons that are required to compulsorily maintain books of account ?Every person carrying on legal, medical, engineering or architectural profession, or profession of accountancy or technical consultancy or interior decoration or any other profession...
Posted: 27 Jul 2013 08:03 PM PDT
The provisions of the Income Tax Act relating to Tax Deduction at source (TDS) are of very important in the present scenario when TDS collections contribute almost 39% of total collection of Direct Taxes. The Income Tax Act also provides for penalty & prosecution for any default in respect of...

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