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May 5, 2013

Suspension of membership of CA by ICAI valid for having two wives

Suspension of membership of CA by ICAI valid for having two wives

The conviction recorded against the appellant for bigamy stands even today though sentence was reduced to the period already undergone. Hence, the decision taken by the first respondent to remove the name of the appellant from the register maintained by the Chartered Accountants Council, which was...

CBI court imposed 3 Crore Fine for cheating of 33 Lakhs

The Special Judge for CBI Cases, Chennai has convicted Shri. R. Lakshmi Narasimhan, then Assistant Manager of Indian Overseas Bank, Mylapore Branch ,Chennai to undergo Rigorous Imprisonment for seven years with a fine of Rs 3 crore. His brother Shri R.Gurumurthy and his father Shri. N.Radhakrishnan...

Applicability of RTI Act to Cooperative Societies?

 In general anticipation of atleast a consolation relief, scores of Society members and related activists have been consistently yearning for the Coop. Societies to come within the ambit of the Right to Information Act. CONTRARY to the increasing yearning!!!! : 01.   Direct application of...

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