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Jul 23, 2009



Last date for payment of Annual Membership/COP Fees For The Year 2009-10 for CAs is 31.07.2009

The annual Membership and Certificate of Practice fees (if member holds certificate of practice) became due and payable on 1st April, 2009. Circulars advising members to pay the membership/certific ate of practice fee were sent to individual members...

Indian Depository Receipt Rules notified by GOI operationalises with immediate effect

RBI by circular dated July 22, 2009 has decided to operationalise the Indian Depository Receipt (IDR) rules, notified by Government of India with immediate effect. Salient features of the RBI circular are as under: 1.      Eligible companies....

2 Crore Income tax returns pending for processing

The Income Tax department (I- T department) had more than 2.35 crore tax returns pending for processing at the beginning of this financial year; the Rajya Sabha was informed today. "There was a pendency of 2,35,74,618 income-tax returns for...

FM launches online Customs tariff database

The Department of Economic Affairs (DEA) in the Finance Ministry is getting tech-savvy by the day. It has gone in for an electronic database of Customs tariffs to equip itself for better policy making on the import tariff front. The electronic...

Non confirmation of minutes does not have any effect on the decision taken at the earlier meeting: SC

Supreme Court of India has decide in the Matter Kerala State Electricity Board V/s Hindustan Construction Co.. Limited [2009] 91 SCL 183 (SC) inter aliea decide that " Confirmation of minutes of Board meeting or any committee meeting does not...

Mistakes people commit generally in filing income tax return

Wrong selection of ITR :- One may sorely miss the old 'one size fits all' SARAL forms for the sheer ease and convenience of filling up the one page return, but they were not e-friendly. It was also cumbersome to attach a whole lot of...

ITAT Mumbai benches not functioning during the period 27.07.09 to 31.07.09

The following benches will not function during the period 27.07.09 to 31.07.09 and the cases are adjourned to respective dates. Please see separate Notice:-"A-1, B-1, E-1, SMC & WT:""K" Bench cases will be heard by...

ICAI recommended joint auditors for big companies and rotation of partners every five years

Following the outcry over the role of auditors in the Satyam scam, auditing regulator ICAI has recommended major changes in processes, which include among other things, joint auditors for big companies and rotation of partners every five...

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